Dutch Language course

Dutch Language course

Start date: 1st October 2021
Days: Thursday and Friday
Time: 10.00 to 13.30 pm.
Location Den Haag

Project objective

The main purpose of this programme is to assist participants easily integrate and improve their socio-economic situation in the Netherlands.

The program will provide a wide range of assistance to participants such as:

  • Dutch language lessons and understanding the Dutch culture through excursions

and organizing activities with the locals to share and connect.

  • Preparation for job readiness and employment with the help of a personal coach

who is available on demand to help and guide participants through the process.

Target group

The target group generally consists of migrants in The Hague

including those from European countries.

Newcomers and oldcomers who are motivated to learn Dutch.

Migrants who are planning to start their own business but need extra help to realize this dream.

Please contact us for registration or more information: