About Us


Vital Aid Foundation was founded in The Hague in November 23rd, 2004 as a not for profit organization. Our main mandate is to effectively facilitate the integration of the minority from the African Diaspora into the Dutch society and culture.

In order to realize this aspiration, VAF strives to foster conducive environment that would encourage immigrants to participate fully in innovative, productive and optimal use of their intellectual capacities in all dimensions of life.

Based on this goal, VAF has designed and implemented a wide range of projects, programs and activities that involve African migrants of various cultural backgrounds, different age ranges and socio-economic status.

However, in all its activities, Vital Aid pays special attention to the most needy and vulnerable sections of the African migrants, particularly the women, the youth and children.

The nature of these programs and projects defines VAF as an agency involved in the intermediation of information between categories of needy members of the society and national/international organizations with specific objectives and resources that are supportive to VAF’s operations.

VAF is on a proactive campaign and advocacy on the human rights of women and vulnerable migrants on various thematic issues that concerns the target group.

The foundation is also committed to individualised and long-term assistance to its beneficiaries, advocating for the strategic use of social enterprise and providing commercially viable business activities in the countries where we work, as a tool for social rehabilitation and economic empowerment of women and children who come from devastating background of conflict, poverty and abuse.

Further VAF provides emergency assistance and disaster preparedness programs with the goal of anticipating and preventing humanitarian crises.

The following are our core areas of activates:

  • Migration, Integration and socio-economic empowerment of migrants.
  • Health and care for the elderly.
  • Safeguarding rights of women & Children.

International disaster response and humanitarian assistance

Our Vision

Our vision is to see that human suffering and poverty is alleviated so that the marginalized and underprivileged have equal access to development opportunities and better life.

Our Projects

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

Youth empowerment and Buddy program

Become a Mentor-Buddy to someone who really needs it the most…

Bridging Cultures Festival

Bridging Cultures Festival is an annual event, organized to promote active citizenship and cultural diversity.

Diaspora Community Television (DCTV)

Enabling people through the media to use their creativity to promote inclusive society.