Vital Aid Academy

A Pathway to The European
Union Labour integration for third country nationals (TCNs)

Work & Study to build a
Career in the Health Care.

Vital Aid Academy provides you with the opportunity to up-date your skills or build a career in the health care. Our study module offers a variety of accredited continuing education at the MBO-3 level. The module is designed for the possibility to obtain your diploma in 24 months so that you can start working as a professional afterwards.


Teaching and learning methods

During the 24 months, we offer MBO-3 training with Professional Guidance Learning Path (BBL). The training is designed for 1 day of class at the academy and you work 24 to 32 hours for an employer. Aside from the school day, you will work on homework for 6 to 10 hours. During the learning exercise, your salary for the hours worked will be paid which is at least the minimum wage. During this learning process, you will be paired with a training instructor from one of our professional training partners like Mondriaan College MBO or Vicproactiv Zorg who will support you where needed. After you get your diploma, we’ll make sure you can start a full-time paid job as a professional according to your wish.

Our offer?

Education and Diploma on Nursing, Individual Health Care, Pedagogical and medical/health cleaning from mondriaan college MBO.

  • Salary throughout the course
  • Job security at the end of the training
  • Individual and personal support
  • Dutch language Lessons
  • Opportunity to work on your future career without basic qualifications

Who are we looking for?

  • You are motivated and enthusiastic
  • You have a passion to work in care or childcare
  • You master the Dutch B1 level. But there won’t be any problem if you don’t as we will help you earn Dutch B1.
  • You master basic math skills
  • You master the level of MBO-3 (a Diploma is not needed)
  • You are available to work 3 or 4 days and take 1-day class in a week.

Step to the pathway

After registration, you will receive an appointment for an intake evaluation meeting. We will discuss your motivation and competency and assess your level of Dutch language and mathematics level. If your level of skills is not sufficient, we offer a 3–6-month Introduction Course that includes math and language skills, professional development, and self-reliance. The preliminary training follows an entry-level test and if you complete the training with a pass, you can enroll to start the training.

Does that attract you? And do you want to work and learn at the same time? Do you want to get paid from the first day of training? Then quickly click on the contact to register your interest.

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