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Diaspora Community Television (DCTV)

Online desimination

Our commitment

As the world becomes a global village with increasingly diverse societies, DCTV continues to accomplish every day its fundamental humanist mission to support people in understanding each

other and working together to build a lasting peace and learning to live together among members of the global community.

Community media out reach

Diaspora Community Television (DCTV) is a multicultural media platform with a mandate to promote social cohesion, community dialogue, voice and self-expression through internet and other online media.

DCTV facilitates various thematic debates and forums, create access to information, knowledge sharing, visibility and inclusion of the Diaspora communities in public decision making through p olicy cohesion and the media.

DCTV offers a good framework for cultural approach to development, promoting the human rights and socio-economic situation of the diaspora community, especially women through organizing various women empowerment programs around development context.