Youth empowerment and Buddy program

The Buddy Program empowers youth through mentoring experiences to achieve their full potential.

”Young people have greatness inside of them and it’s just a question of if they have someone alongside to help them unlock that greatness. We cannot leave this to chance” hat a perfect way to help your community whilst learning something new, making friends, having fun and developing new job experience.


We all know how much potential is in each young person in our community. And for many of our young people, this potential is just waiting to be unlocked and discovered.

Many have a parent or teacher who will walk alongside of them to bring out this potential and many do not, think of refugee youths who lost either both of their parents or one parent in their home country due to conflict or natural disaster, think of a single mother bringing up adolescent youths alone, think of children from background of violence who never had a proper role model.

It is our job as adults and caring citizens to ensure that every young person who wants or needs a mentor will have the opportunity to connect with someone who will bring out the best in them.

What does our mentors do?

Our mentors volunteer their skills as coach, CT trainer, internet and social media safety, making short films and videos, photography, event organiser, or a mentor talking to the kids about achieving greatness in small ways.