Bridging Cultures Festival

Empowering communities and promoting diversity active citizenship.

Bridging Cultures Festival is an annual event, organized to promote and strengthen active citizenship and cultural diversity.

The event brings people from various cultural backgrounds, the international community and the native Dutch Community to present and share their collective contemporary theatre

production, music performance, fashion, accessories and all forms of artistic creation from the local and international artists.


‘The central attraction of the festival is fashion performance and exhibition to promote and empower women entrepreneurs’.


Bridging cultures festival is about promoting diversity in its fullness.


Diversity is about investing our differences in a safe, positive and caring manner.

Show tolerance, embrace and celebrate the rich aspects of diversity, and also, understanding and appreciating the intertwining of humanity and cultures and exercising mutual respect;

Diversity is also establishing partnerships across the differences of what we have in common so that we can create a safe socio-cultural environment in order to promote a peaceful society.


Diversity well propagated will create a positive effect on the community because it creates a more integrated society and eliminates social tensions and discrimination.


Bridging cultures Festival collaborates with a wide range of (inter) national cultural organizations and associations, fashion and educational partners in the Netherlands and around the world. The festival expects around 400-1000 participants annually.