Our vision is to see that human suffering and poverty is alleviated so that the marginalized and underprivileged have equal access to development opportunities and better life.

Specially women, The power of the women effects:

  • Her entire world when she knows her socio-economic rights;
  • Her family when she has economic security;
  • When her family has economic security her community has economic security;
  • When her community has economic security her nation has economic security;
  • When her nation has economic security the world is secure;
  • Empower a woman a whole nation is empowered;


Our commitment

  • Build strong, reliable and productive relationships with local and government institutions in places where we work;
  • Establish collaborations and partnerships globally in dealing with humanitarian and migration crises;
  • Support income-generating activities and joint venture partnership that aim at improving the living standard of the disadvantaged particularly women, children and the youth;
  • Enhance and mobilise community participation in poverty eradication especially at grass root level by establishing centres for poverty eradication;
  • Work together with micro-finance organisations to establish viable credit schemes for the poor and disadvantaged so as to enable finance their income generating activities;
  • Participate in all forms of humanitarian assistance and educate those who are exploited and marginalized to understand their rights and responsibilities;

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