Assisting refugees & vulnerable migrants

Become a sponsor or join our “caring friend program” to help refugees become self sufficient as they adapt to life in Nederland.

This Program is focused on meeting the unique needs of refugees and other vulnerable migrant population, helping them to become self sufficient as quickly as possible as they adapt to life in a new country. It offers refugees deeper insight into Nederland culture and the opportunity to explore and engage with their new community through various help services. Our programs are also tailored to meet the needs of the host communities as they welcome these new neighbours.

VAF employs the use of refugee management system to proactively meet the needs of our clients and encourage those who can contribute meaningfully to the Dutch society, making them know that they are valued members of the society, recognizing that diversity can strengthen a nation’s social fabric.

Finally, we also expand our efforts to give assistance to irregular migrants, who face a range of issues, including violations of their human and workplace rights, a lack of access to social and public services, and coercion and threats from human traffickers, human smugglers, and corrupt officials.

Become a Caring Friend!

As refugees arrive in the Netherlands, one of the most beneficial things they can be given is a caring friend to help them navigate life in Nederland. As an organization, we seek to connect Nederland families and/or individuals with refugees so that they can begin to form friendships and enrich one another's lives through our “caring friend Program. Many refugee families in Nederland desire to be matched with the locals.

Help make this dream come true today by joining our “caring friend program”!

If this is something you and your family would like to do, please complete the Volunteer application form, once submitted and approved, you will be invited to attend an upcoming and required volunteer workshop; this will help you understand the refugee plight better and learn ways you can help them.

Become a co-sponsor:

Co-sponsors can help secure affordable housing, winter cloths, collect furniture, smart phones, ICT materials and other household items, and help refugees access public benefits. Co-sponsors can also donate money, help facilitate job searches or create one for them, and perform other necessary tasks.

We work alongside many excellent organizations in Netherlands to serve the refugee community. We work hard to connect and communicate with these organizations so that services are not duplicated and refugees well served.

VAF looks forward to partnering with you or your community group in this tremendous work for refugee resettlement program! We welcome partnership from:

  • Donor agencies
  • Faith based organizations & houses of Worship
  • Schools and Colleges/Universities
  • Local Restaurants
  • Local Businesses
  • Other Nonprofit Agencies
  • Community Members